Presque tous ces sites sont en langue anglaise.


  • BOOST: Free Peer reviewed C++ source Libraries
  • STLport: Multiplatform STL Library (C++)
  • ACE: The Adaptative Communication Environment, OO Network Programming Toolkit in C++
  • log4cplus:A C++ implementation of Log for Java
  • numpy: array manipulations and computations similar to those of Matlab. Very efficient compiled module for Python.
  • Twisted Matrix : Event-driven networking Framework written in Python
  • Quixote : yet another Framework for developing Web applications in Python


  • Subversion: A better CVS (Source Management System)
  • Doxygen: Documentation system for C++, C, Java, ...
  • DocUtils : Documentation Utilities, Python, reStructuredText
  • HT2HTML: Web page template processor. Utilisé pour générer le site Alcos à partir de fichiers au format reStructuredText


  • : Python Official Site
  • MindView : Bruce Eckel, author Free Electronic Books, on Java, C++, Python
  • ACCU : Association of C++ Users

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